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Job Search Documents

In the job search process, a résumé, cover letter, reference letter, and thank you note are are all critical to your success. Each one of these documents can assist you in landing the job or position that you want. Each document plays a key role in representing you to an employer and must be crafted with care and precision. The information and examples below offer you assistance in developing each one.

A professional document that provides an overview of applicable skills, education, and experience related to the job or position for which you are applying.

Cover Letter
A professional letter in a standard format which provides the following key components:

  • Introduction of you and what position you are interested in
  • Exactly why you are interested in a certain position or company
  • In order to show why you are a serious candidate the letter should also give examples of related experience and skills that directly relate to the needs of the position

Reference Sheet
References should not be a part of the resume. They should be created as a separate document. A list of your references should include: reference's name, position or job title, company or organization, your professional relationship, and the reference’s contact information.

Thank You Letter/Note
A letter or note that allow you to convey your appreciation for an opportunity or that helps you maintain a relationship that you believe might be professionally beneficial.

Action Words
Need help coming up with some strong verbs to lead off your job descriptors/accomplishments? We've got you covered. See the attachment below for some great action words!!

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