Need help with your resume? Want customized feedback on your resume?

Often employers will ask for a resume when applying for a position, especially if applying online. This is your chance to let employers know all that you can offer them. Even if you don't have a ton of work experience, you can still highlight assets you would bring to an employer. Take a look at the resume examples below and do a first round draft of your resume.

If you've got a current resume, or a first round draft, our Career Services staff would be happy to review it and give you customized feedback. For us to see it, simply log into the Job Leads website and go to the Resume tab. We will review your uploaded resume (give us 1-2 days) and will email you customized feedback---current students should check their hawkmail. We will either APPROVE it or make suggested edits. If edits are needed, you should go BACK to your original WORD Document to make those edits and then resubmit the updated resume.

When your resume is APPROVED, go a step further in the Job Leads website (Resume tab) and add it to a virtual / Opt-In Resume Book to let Employer Find YOU! You can upload more than one resume. If your first one is approved, subsequent resumes are automatically APPROVED.

If you've got questions or want "in person" help, simply log into our Career Service Office Hours M - F via zoom at We are here to help you!