For Faculty

The Career Services Office is here to help you help your students. Partnerships between faculty and staff and the Career Services Office can combine our strengths and resources for the benefit of our students.

Faculty and staff are often called upon to help students make decisions regarding their choice of majors or careers. These decisions are particularly difficult given the rapidly changing work world, which has been affected by both technology and an ever-evolving global economy. Keeping up with the vast quantity of information that affects the world of work and how it will ultimately impact your students is difficult. The Career Services Office can help.

Stay up to date on Career Services Office Events by logging in to HFC Handshake. You can set up job alerts for your field and also be notified about upcoming events that may affect you and your students.

Help your students be successful in whatever program they pursue by sharpening their Soft Skills. Attached is an easy Soft Skills Assessment for students. This could be used for co-op students, on campus student workers, or a class at the beginning and end of the semester.

See other great resources below!!

Pure Michigan Talent offers great short online learning clips on specific career competencies (e-learning soft skills).

Professors at Play - Creating digital Escape Rooms to highlight fundamental knowledge and foster curiosity.

**Professors at Play **- 50 Ideas for online Icebreakers for class

Career Readiness modules thru New World of Work - Includes topics like Adaptability, Collaboration, Digital Fluency, Empathy, Entrepreneurial, Self-Awareness, and DEI (Powered by California Community Colleges)

Case study on Teamwork -

The Forage - Students can tackle true to life assignments for name brand companies. Employers have set up a work experience that mirrors what actually happens within their organization. These experiences range from 2-13 hours, with most 5-6 hours long. They are all virtual and FREE. Students can choose from a number of experiences and filter by career interest or specific employer. These were probably designed for 4 year students, but HFC students and faculty may find them useful to either work through as a class or offer as individual extra credit. Even if a student can’t complete the experience, it still provides valuable exposure to an industry or career in a very safe and nonthreatening manner.

Reality Works-Realityworks provides free lesson plans, posters, and webinars on employability skills. They especially focus on employability skills within CTE programs. While they have numerous soft skill programs you can purchase, they offer LOTS of FREE resources on their site. Realityworks