Cooperative Education Application & Responsibilities

Getting Started with Co-Op

  • Complete an application: log in to Handshake, click the Cooperative Education (Co-op) link, and complete an application;
  • Upload your résumé to start applying for available positions;
  • Seek positions early to ensure you are hired in time for registration deadlines;
  • You are encouraged to find your own co-op job; however, all positions must be approved by the Career Services staff; and
  • Notify the Career Services Office when you accept a position.

If you need assistance with building a résumé, contact the Career Services Office to make an appointment.

After You are Hired

  • Register and pay for the appropriate co-op course each semester that you have a co-op placement. Permission to register will be given to you by the Career Coach- Co-op or the Career Services Officer.
  • Meet with the co-op staff in the Career Services Office to complete paperwork.
  • Fulfill all terms of employment set by the employer.
  • Attend required class sessions and complete all course requirements given by Career Services Office and faculty instructor.
  • Abide by the rules, regulations, and policies of the employer and the College.
  • Keep the Career Services Office updated on any changes in employment or course status.