Cooperative Education (Co-op)

Why should you apply for co-op? There are many benefits:

  • Allows you to earn money while gaining academic credit—in most programs—toward graduation;
  • Increases your chances of obtaining permanent employment;
  • Provides hands-on experience, allowing for a better understanding of the field that you are studying;
  • Integrates ideas that you have learned in school with what you will do at work;
  • Offers experiences that will help you refine your career goals;
  • Helps you become more confident, responsible, and professionally trained;
  • Connects you with professionals in your field that could serve as a reference for you; and
  • Supports the development of your professional portfolio.

Participation in co-op is dependent on available jobs in the appropriate business and industry. All Students must meet eligibility requirements.

See below for Frequently Asked Questions

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