Cooperative Education for Employers

Cooperative Education (co-op) is a program which provides the opportunity for employers to hire qualified students pursuing a college degree. Co-op students are available year-round.

Benefits of co-op for employers include the following:

  • Increases cost-effectiveness of recruitment and training
  • Results in a higher average retention rate among permanent employees recruited and hired through a co-op program
  • Provides an opportunity to evaluate employees prior to a decision regarding full-time employment
  • Allows flexibility in staffing needs
  • Brings state of the art technical knowledge to the workplace
  • Exempts employers from paying unemployment compensation taxes on wages of co-op students if they are enrolled in a qualified co-op program, and also exempts employers from paying unemployment compensation to students released from these programs
  • Creates a partnership between business and education

Need Help Creating a Quality Co-op Experience?

Download our guide: Creating a Quality Co-op Experience.

Posting a Co-op Position

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  2. After logging in (or registering), click “Jobs” and then follow all the steps listed