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Employers can post full-time, part-time, summer/seasonal, paid internships or cooperative education (co-op) positions on HFC Handshake. If you are creating a new position and are uncertain about the type of position, please review the chart below.

Types of Positions

Co-op Internship Direct Hire
Goal To provide students with practical experience that relates to their major and will enhance their classroom learning Gain hands-on experience Obtain long-term employment
Length 15-week semesters (1-3 semesters per student) Short-term or up to 1 year Indefinite
Years in School Completed 50% of degree program At any time, but usually last half of program At any time
Hours A minimum of 75 hours per credit hour (around 5 hours/week for a 1 credit co-op) Varies Varies
Training Aligned with program of study, provided by employer Varies At employer's discretion
Learning Objectives Developed by the student, the Career Services Office & an HFC Faculty member None None
Job Responsibilities Should allow students to gain experience that will give them the skills needed to attain employment in their field upon graduation Typically a project, short-term assignment, or specific tasks Any and all
Academic Credit 1-2 credits per co-op None None
Cost to Student Cost per credit, possible registration and/or lab fees None None
Supervision Students are supervised and evaluated at the worksite by the employer. A site visit will be done by an HFC Faculty member at least once per semester, per student Employer/Supervisor By supervisor
Salary All positions are paid by employer (at least minimum wage) Should be paid position above minimum wage, unless the value of the experience meets DOL Guidelines Varies
At Completion Grade provided by HFC Faculty. No expectation to hire beyond end date. Employer may offer to hire. No expectation beyond end date. Employer may offer to hire Indefinite